PE Curriculum

Some of the different units we will teach the students as they progress from 3rd to 5th grade include:

Locomotor Activities

  • Chasing and Fleeing 

  • Square Dancing

  • Fitness Gram PACER


Non-Locomotor Activities​

  • Yoga

  • Fitness Gram 

  • Cup Stacking


Manipulative Activities​

  • Throwing & Catching

  • Dribbling with hands

  • Dribbling with feet

  • Passing & Receiving

  • Kicking

  • Volleying

  • Striking with a short & long-handed implement

  • Jumping Rope


- Soccer




-Jump Rope

-Noodle Hockey


- Handball

- Cricket

- Tennis

- Golf


Our goal as physical educators is to expose students to a variety of different games and activities to promote the importance of making choices to live an active lifestyle as they get older!

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