Yearly PE Assignment

As physical educators we feel that it is important for students to learn about ways to be healthy (i.e. eating vegetables and fruits, staying active, drinking water, etc). The students have ONE assignment that they are responsible for in PE. For this assignment the students have TWO OPTIONS. You will see these options listed below! 

Option 1:

Healthy News Article 

Active Picture

Healthy News Article Instructions:

  • Students should bring a healthy news article to P.E. class.

  • The article can be from a magazine, newspaper, internet, etc.

  • The article can be about healthy foods, sports, exercise, safety, or some aspect of wellness.  Anything involving being healthy is acceptable. 

  • Examples include articles about the health benefits of a certain sport, the health benefits of a certain food, the health benefits of a certain activity or mindset, etc.

  • Students should read the article before class, and be ready to talk about what they learned from the article by giving one (3rd grader), two (4th grader) or three (5th grader) key points.

  • Students may highlight information from the article or have a note card with the information they learned written on it to read to the class.​


Active Picture Instructions:

  • Students should bring a picture of themselves being active (hiking, swimming, team sport, etc..)

  • Students will be ready to talk about how they are being active and or the health benefit (s).

  • We may display a students' picture with their permission.

Option 2:


Here are pictures of many ways that our students stay active outside of school!